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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sustainable style - What does it mean?


In many areas of our life we care about the environment: most of us buy organic food, we switch off the light when we are leaving the room or we mind to buy recyclable paper. Why shouldn't we carry on with sustainability in our closet? It is easier than you think: You can say no to low-budget temples like Primark and look out for quality and not (!) quantity. I know it is a change and many qualitative clothes cost more - but consider: they will last pretty longer . However, don't get me wrong: I
did not necessarily mean just designer clothes (I would not say no to them though) as qualitative clothes. Why not search for a little store in your hometown which produces stylish clothes and pays attention to  sustainability.
"Why shouldn't we carry 
on with sustainability 
in our closet?"
And do you know what the best and easiest (fashion)thing is that you can do for your environment? Get it? Yes, right: DIY! You do not always have to buy a complete new closet. Just think of how you can make the best out of your old grey sweater (some studs or pearls?) and you have a new favourite in your attire.

These hints all together? Take this outfit, that Käthchen created: The lace jacket is from a little store in Berlin, Friedrichshain. It was a cute little shop and the owner explains to us that all of her clothes are made out of natural materials. It was on sale so it just cost fifty bucks. Then, take a look at these shoes: They are the product of one of our DIY's. The best item is the beautiful blouse made of environmentally friendly produced silk - given its present shape in the Netherlands. If you look at it and touch it you really feel what a difference a good fabric can make. Irresistibly light, a delicate wanderer between different nuances - fashion is my staff of life, so I want to be good in every possible way. 

This post is a submission for the IFB project "What does sustainable style mean to you?". Check out their competition post:

What do you think about sustainable style? Total nonsense or extremely important for our environment? Write it down in the comments!

Gretchen vonDüsterwald


  1. Really loving this IFB project, so fantastic to see everyones individual take on sustainable style.I definitely think being sustainable is really important both with style and other areas of our life. Love the lace jacket and the cute shoes.

  2. The lace jacket is adorable and what a great price! Definitely love your take on sustainble style.

    1. Thank you! Yeah fifty euro are definitely a good price

  3. Cute,love the top!


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