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Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to pimp your clutch

Do you have a favourite clutch but the more often you wear it the more it looses "the glow"? I mean it doesn't look ... interesting to you anymore? But do you really have to buy a new clutch? Of course you can, but give your old clutch a break and PIMP IT! With 4 easy methods:
1) Wristlet Clutch
Wristlet Clutches was and are a big trend seen especially on fashion week. But nothing is easier than making your own wristlet clutch! Just take a chain, a belt or also a leather ribbon and attach it onto your clutch

Clutch: thrifted; Belt: H&M

2) Stuffed Animal Pendant
Everybody likes Animals (I guess). And almost everybody likes something which dangles around (you know what I mean...;)). So why not let an animal dangle on your clutch? Mine is from Marc Cain and it looks a little bit like a voodoo doll but I couldn't live without it.

Clutch: Vintage; Pendant: Marc Cain

3) Tassels
Tassels were also a big trend the last years on the runway. I made my own with some fabric and fur and the vibrant pink matches perfectly to the skin leather of the clutch. You can also append a pair of sunglasses in the same colour to add a little bit of summer feeling.
Clutch: Fiorelli; Tassel: DIY

4) A ton of scarfs
Your clutch might look like an exploding peacock but seriously- who doesn't want to have an exploded bird? Scarfs with prints match to monochrome clutches, printed clutches look better with plain scarfs.
Clutch: Mulberry; Leoscarf: Lio Jo; rest: vintage

I hope with these tips you don't have to throw away your food, old clutch. Which style advise do you like most? Let me know it in the comments!
Gretchen vonDüsterwald

This post is a contribution for the IFB project #97: Carry your clutch


  1. The wrist clutch is my favourite idea, specially as I'm super clumsy an tend to drop things a lot. Might try it myself. X

    1. Yeah that's why I love wearing wristlet clutches :)

  2. Great ideas!
    What a nice blog,maybe we could follow each other! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  3. Followed back!
    Please check also my facebook page and like it if u can!

  4. I love the animal idea--a fair warning though: I used to have a clutch bag that I had a lot of kidrobot-style toys hanging off of as a keychain. Every time I sat down on the subway inevitably a baby or little kid would start playing with one of the creatures--and then cry when it was time for me to leave (with *their*) toy. Over the years I ended up slowly giving all of them away to little ones on the train.


    1. What a funny story! Thank you for the hint :) So I am going to pay attention the next time I am sitting in the subway
      Gretchen vonDüsterwald


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