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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby it's warm outside


"I simply must not go!"
"Yes Bitch you can! It's freackin' warm outside!"
Currently, Berlin is one big sauna. No snow, no red cheeks, no dripping noses. The winter was kidnapped in Europe! On account of this trees are starting to bloom and everywhere you go you can see tiny green buds and birds singing their way. It is January! What is wrong with you, climate? I get spring feelings in this boiling heat as well. I'm feeling so close to nature when wearing pompous,  floral jewellery like these guys! So let's celebrate January as the month of mother nature!

Käthchen vonDüsterwald


  1. GREAT shots with fun pieces! I wish I could say the same about the weather in NYC right now. It's rotten and rainy out… with a touch of floating flurries. BTW, is that an ear cuff?

    1. Hey stylecurated ny!
      Yeah that's an supercute ear cuff from Zara! I heard that you have some sh***ty weather in New York... sorry for that!


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