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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Basics in Fall

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1) Burgundy trousers
This is a totally necessary basic for fall.You can combine it in many different ways with blue clothes or with white ones or when you want to go crazy-with yellow. Especially yellow and blue is very in this season. This combination is an interesting alternation to the maritime classic.

2) Blue Blazers
Blue Blazers are THE IT-Piece of the season. Why? You can wear it with everything and in many different styles.With a white dress made of lace you look very girly, but with a well fitting blazer you can wear your favorite dress also in school or at work.

3) Trench coat
The trench coat was, is and will ever be a classic. The coat creates a feminine silhouette and in addition it looks totally cool. This days you can get trench coats, which were in fact coats of the military, in every imaginable colour and shape.

4)Chelsea boots
This shoes are real multitaskers: They can look edgy, minimalistic or preppy. It´s just a question of style. I like the combination of these shoes with a dark blue skinny jeans, a blue button-down shirt with studs on the collar and a red cardigan. Classic but perfect for fall!

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