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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Song - 7 Steps

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 Your phone is broken, your doorbell has never really worked and anyway we have just had Christmas...      If love has given place to despair, there is only one way to overcome it: Ask other people what they give their girl/boyfriend for Valentine's Day.
1) You have taken the first step and consulted a qualified person.
2) Give way to all of your feelings ! I said ALL!!! If someone really loves you they are also interested in how boring you find flowers. Your emotions are then written onto your freezers front because the person you love is as important as food to you. This is also the moment when you have to deliberate wether he/she is worth smashing your guitar.
3) Now for the artsy part: Pour into form what you want to say. Use at least 7 times the words LOVE, KITTENS, HEARTS and PIZZA. Pure magic!
4) If your lyrics are ready, you search for the note that represents your beloved best. Let us go for F and play a classical cadenza, then reverse it, then do the cancer and then sleep a lot so we can dream of the ideal melody  - so far for modern music. If you love your partner just the way he/she is then what are you doing on this blog?! 
Make love, not war.
5) Now everyone is utterly confused and you have understood the actual meaning of Valentine's Day. If you do not have enough time to memorize your vocal part, drop the bass and tell everyone that your love drives you crazyyyyy.
6) Decide for an outfit that distracts your girl/boyfriend from your musical abilities. It is all about the message. Of course I did not forget that you are a lazy ass - so just choose one of our looks
7) Today is the big day that decides all. Have yourself a nice little breakfast and try not to think of the future.
Then get on the stage and rock like you've never rocked before!!!

Best of luck - at least I still love you


Hello Sailor!
You know it's our third Valentine's Day as a couple, right?

This post is a submission for the IFB project Valentine's Day. Check out their post:

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