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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talking About: Work Spaces for Blogger

Where should you blog to get the most inspiration? And where do I blog? Where can you go if you have a writer's block?
For me, it's really important to write the posts on my desk so I have the biggest overview of my work. My desk is my inspiration source. Here, I furnished my table with some pieces which give me everything I need to be productive.

Book centerpieces - seperated colours
An easy way to get an overview of your appointments, memories or favourite pictures are magnets.

My favourite pencils for drawing adumbrations.

My pocketbook of inspiration

Of course you can also write your posts on your couch! You just have to find out what our optimal writing location is and where you are bubbling over with ideas. But what can you do if you have absolutely no thought for your next post and your last one is two months ago?!
The magic word (sentence) is: Get your ass off! You can find inspiration everywhere in your environment. Whether it is
1) on the streets or
2) in your school/ working place.
3) Why not give fashion week a chance? Play street style photograph and take pictures of your favourite looks. But please don't try yourself as a professional photographer - these pictures are just for you! (and don't have something nasty in mind...)
4) Sit on a bench in the middle of the city and draw everything that comes into your mind. You will maybe look like a street performer.
You see - work space of a blogger isn't just his desk. It's every place where you can find inspiration.

Keep posting.
Gretchen vonDüsterwald

This post is a submission for the IFB project "Where do you blog?". Check out their post:


  1. I love blogging in the many different cafés of New York City… that smell of coffee inspires me every so often… along with the different types of patrons...


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