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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Set on You

1 comment:
Yes I am talking to you, my dear pullover !
And I got my mind seäääät on you, I got my mind set on you.
Thanks to you I always feel so...dressed. I love the ornaments on your sleeves, the delicate whiteness of your chest, the cleavage that does not suggest anything to anyone - does anyone know what I mean? I am sure my wonderful pullover does...
That is why I developped a set of (2) outfits to complement our perfect monogamous relashionship.

Just so you know, we predicted the birth of the statement sleeves long before god first thought of it.
Would you like to read our post:

Do you also want to reward your clothes for sticking it out through thick and thin ?
Do you think that is perfectly normal ? Which washing powder do pullovers like best ? Any more random questions ?

Love and kisses to all you wardrobes out there


1 comment:

  1. Hi! great outfits!



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