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Monday, May 5, 2014

Prom Promise

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What's in a prom dress? My first prom dress: so innocent, so pure- so now let's do shit with it! I mean, what should you do with this lump of glittery fabric hanging around in your closet and smelling like the night you weren't elected for prom queen. Your dress can do way more than sitting around with you. So here are two proposals for your consideration what to do with your prom dress after prom!
1. This prom dress is looking like you are an background actor at some romantic high school teenie movie- yeah from the eighties. But with a cool leather jacket (this one is from Zara), a flannel shirt from your father and some plateau sneakers it is the chief character of the play named "Your life" (it is really good you should watch it!).

2. This would be really a perfect prom dress- worn by your own grandma! But imagine to transform it into the incarnation of an (stereotype on) Sicilian summer dream. You need: Some Italian mules from your mother, a black croco bag from your grandma and some black accessories like the pair of H&M sunglasses or this shirt.

This is part one of our PROM MOTTO WEEK.
Please share your prom memories!
Gretchen vonDüsterwald

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